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The IHS Ready to Grow range is the culmination of many years of experience in the electronics and LED industries. We offer a wide range of high quality LED grow lights to suit many growing and farming environments, as well as research projects.

Our LED grow lights are simple to install and power. They are perfectly proportioned to replace existing lighting with ease. Your new installation will be up and running in no time!

If you require a lighting plan, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts is each IHS grow light?

70 watts. In comparison, the average wattage of a high pressure sodium (HPS) grow light is 400W so our LED grow lights represent significant energy savings and subsequently reduced running costs.

Can IHS LED grow lights replace fluorescent tubes?

Yes, the lighting modules are no deeper than a standard fluorescent tube fitting so by replacing them with the IHS grow lights you will not lose any growing space. Also they run on mains electricity so electrical installation is easy.

They have been developed to be more efficient and offer a longer life solution compared with fluorescent tubes.

Can IHS LED Grow Lights replace the use of HPS lamps in greenhouses?

No, our grow lights are not a direct replacement for HPS grow lights however IHS does have solutions that would work as an HPS replacement.

What is the IP rating of the grow lights?

The IP rating is IP55.

This is the industry standard for high street products you would purchase from retailers such as Screwfix, B & Q and Ikea.

Are the grow lights best used indoors?

Yes, the IHS grow lights are for indoor use due to the IP rating.

Typical applications include polytunnels, low level greenhouses and hotboxes.

How many grow lights can you string together on a single 13 amp plug?

You can connect a run of 23 Florence Grow Lights for each standard 13amp mains plug. If using a 5amp mains plug you can connect and power a string of up to 11 Florence Grow Lights.

How long will the LEDs last?

Our LEDs have n extremely long lifetime. The life of the LEDs is dependent on the conditions in which they are stored.

However, it is advised that they will last up to 100,000 hours up to 70% brightness. Here are some examples of expected lifetimes depending upon the number of hours a day the grow lights are switched on. See below:-

– 2 hours per day equates to 50,000 days / 7,142 weeks or 137 years!

– 6 hours per day equates to 16,666 days / 2,380 weeks or 45 years!

– 24 hours per day equates to 4,166 days / 595 weeks or 11.44 years!

24 hours is the typical usage that growers use, both at the start and end of the day (dawn and dusk), to extend the growing day and maximise the growth period.

What type of LEDs are used in the IHS grow lights?

We use Mid Power OSCONIQ P2226 LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

Where are the IHS grow lights designed and manufactured?

They are designed, manufactured and tested in-house at our headquarters in Thatcham, Berkshire in the UK.

What LED recipe would you advise for each type of crop?

There are many variables to consider which relate to the stage of growth when supplemental lighting is required. Our basic LED recipes are:-

– biomass

– flowering

– fruiting

– seedling

The recipe required also differs whether or not growers use the lights to supplement daylight or where no daylight is present.

How has IHS scoped the specific LED recipes?

The LED recipes were developed alongside OSRAM Opto Semiconductors to develop 8 standardised recipes.

Are your grow lights dimmable?

Our standard grow lights are not dimmable however our team will be happy to help to build a custom solution. Please get in touch.

How long is the warranty for the grow lights?

IHS offers a 2 year warranty. This is on a return to IHS basis where you will need to remove any faulty unit from from installation and return to us.

Can you supply brackets to mount the grow lights?

Yes, brackets are available to be purchased separately. IHS has a few solutions hre, for hanging, with adjustable heights, fixed heights and conjoining options. We’ll happily discuss the best solution for your specific application.

Are there any customer reviews for the IHS grow lights?

Yes we have customer reviews. Please get in touch with our team and we will be delighted to share them with you.

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