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ThumbnailProduct Code Adhesive
TIM Petunia Grow Light - non-adhesive ILA-TIM-PETUNIA-0A Non Adhesive
TIM Petunia Grow Light - single-sided-adhesive ILA-TIM-PETUNIA-1A Single Sided Adhesive
TIM Petunia Grow Light - double-sided-adhesive ILA-TIM-PETUNIA-2A Double Sided Adhesive
Product Code: N/A Category:
Product Code
Non Adhesive
Single Sided Adhesive
Double Sided Adhesive

IHS have produced a range of High-performance, cost effective Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) to perfectly match their standard products.

Our product fills the air pockets between the two surfaces, forming a continuous layer to conduct heat away from the LED to the heatsink. As you’d imagine, this is why it’s called thermal interface material.
IHS offer TIM in three options – double sided adhesive, single sided adhesive and no adhesive.

Adhesive Double Sided Adhesive, Non Adhesive, Single Sided Adhesive

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