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The Florence range of products is specifically designed for low and no-sunlight applications, maximising growth potential whilst minimising both initial purchase costs and on-going running costs. Florence is no deeper than a standard fluorescent tube fitting, so replacing fluorescent’s now means you do not lose any growing space. The modular design enables very simple installation, and with a standard, 100-240V AC mains input, electrical installation is also quick and easy, further saving time and costs. Multiple recipes are available for the vast majority of horticultural applications, but, if this is still not enough we do offer a full customisation service.

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Product Code: FLORENCE-SEED-OVAL-CASED-1CH-01. Category:
240-790nm Total radiometric flux (mW)
PAR 400-700nm PPF µmol/s
PAR 360-780nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 400-700nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted McCree) 400-700nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted McCree) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s


Thin profile to maximise growing space zz Size : 680mm x 105mm x 80mm ( length x width x height ) zz Incorporating industry leading LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors zz Modular design for vertical or horizontal installations zz Hanging and joining kits available

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240-790nm Total radiometric flux (mW) 10220
PAR 360-780nm BPF µmol/s 40.38
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 400-700nm PPF µmol/s 37.2
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s 30.82
PAR (adjusted McCree) 400-700nm PPF µmol/s 30.86
PAR (adjusted McCree) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s 30.86
Forward Voltage 100-240Volts
Radiance Angle 85°x45° (¬±40°x22.5°;)
Size 680mm x 105mm x 80mm
Wavelength Mixed Array

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LEDs are producing revolutionary advancements in many areas of technology and life, but none more so important than that in Horticulture.

The complexities and knowledge required is growing daily, with different plants requiring different spectral illumination and control.

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