OSLON Square 3rd Gen 4 High Bay Hot White 2700K 90CRI

White LEDs are classed as broadband emitters as they emit light continuously across a spectrum ranging from 400 to 800nm and are therefore similar in this respect to traditional sources. The choice between specific narrow band LEDs and white LEDs should be based upon the desired response from the plants and the efficacy of the LED to produce that response. With the exclusion of far red, white LEDs are likely to produce similar photomorphogenic responses but with a lower efficacy. If the crop species is likely to vary and the efficacy limitation is acceptable, white LED’s are a reliable illumination source for improving crop quality, consistency and yield and should be taken into consideration alongside narrow band LEDs.

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240-790nm Total radiometric flux (mW)
PAR 400-700nm PPF µmol/s
PAR 360-780nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 400-700nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted McCree) 400-700nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted McCree) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s
OSLON Square 3rd Gen 4 High Bay Hot White 2700K 90CRI
  • OSRAM OSLON® Square 3rd Gen 4 High Bay contain OSLON® Square 3rd Gen LEDs with integral 120 degree silicone resin Lenses
  • Up to 100,000 Hour lifetime to 70% of original brightness
  • Mounting holes using M3 screws allows easy installation
  • Size (L x W x H): 50mm x 65mm x 3.85mm
  • Available with 200mm connecting wires
  • Secondary Lenses can be fitted
  • Suitable Heat Sinks available
  • Matching Power Supply available
  • High Bays can be linked together to produce longer chains
  • Current range 200 to 1800mA


OSLON Square 3rd Gen 4 High Bay Hot White 2700K 90CRI

Additional information

240-790nm Total radiometric flux (mW) 2243.84
PAR 360-780nm BPF µmol/s 11.19
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 400-700nm PPF µmol/s 6.37
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s 6.94
PAR (adjusted McCree) 400-700nm PPF µmol/s 8.62
PAR (adjusted McCree) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s 9.4
Forward Voltage 10.8-12.8 Volts
Radiance Angle 120° (±60°)
Size 50x65mm
Wavelength Hot White 2000-2999K
Micromoles 10.27
LED Count 4

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