OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module


We also offer the OSLONeye as a kit of parts. This enables you to add any single colour LED and any LEDiL Tina lens you want.

Please refer to our ILK-OSLONEYE-01 V1.0 datasheet.

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ThumbnailProduct Code Wavelength
OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module - 625nm ILI-ON01-RED1-SC211. Red 625nm
OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module - amber-617nm ILI-ON01-RDOR-SC211. Amber 617nm
OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module - yellow-590nm ILI-ON01-YELL-SC211. Yellow 590nm
OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module - true-green-528nm ILI-ON01-TRGR-SC211. True Green 528nm
OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module - blue-470nm ILI-ON01-BLUE-SC211. Blue 470nm
OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module - street-white-5700k ILI-ON01-STWH-SC211. Street White 5700k
OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module - neutral-white-4000k ILI-ON01-NUWH-SC211. Neutral White 4000k
OSLON Eye PowerStar LED Module - warm-white-3000k ILI-ON01-WMWH-SC211. Warm White 3000K
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Product Code
Red 625nm
Amber 617nm
Yellow 590nm
True Green 528nm
Blue 470nm
Street White 5700k
Neutral White 4000k
Warm White 3000K

Wavelength Amber 617nm, Blue 470nm, Neutral White 4000k, Red 625nm, Street White 5700k, True Green 528nm, Warm White 3000K, Yellow 590nm

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