OSCONIQ P2226 1 PowerStar Blue 465nm

IHS PowerStars are our basic building block in horticultural development. Compact Size (L x W x H): 20mm x 20mm x 3.85mm with mounting holes using M3 screws allows easy installation.

Available with 200mm connecting wires, chaining multiple PowerStars together to form complex systems is very quick and simple – excellent for prototyping your design.

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All values above are based on a typical 100mA current.

240-790nm Total radiometric flux (mW)
PAR 400-700nm PPF µmol/s
PAR 360-780nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 400-700nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted McCree) 400-700nm BPF µmol/s
PAR (adjusted McCree) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s
  • OSRAM OSCONIQ P2226 1 PowerStars contain OSCONIQ® P2226 LEDs with integral 120 degree silicone resin Lenses
  • Up to 100,000 Hour lifetime to 70% of original brightness
  • Mounting holes using M3 screws allows easy installation
  • Size (L x W x H): 20mm x 20mm x 3.85mm
  • Available with 200mm connecting wires
  • Secondary Lens can be fitted
  • Suitable Heat Sinks available
  • Matching Power Supply available
  • PowerStars can be linked together to produce longer chains
  • Current range 30 to 250mA

Additional information

Micromoles 0.43
240-790nm Total radiometric flux (mW) 110.7
PAR 360-780nm BPF µmol/s 0.43
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 400-700nm PPF µmol/s 0.39
PAR (adjusted DIN5031-10) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s 0.39
PAR (adjusted McCree) 400-700nm PPF µmol/s 0.31
PAR (adjusted McCree) 360-780nm BPF µmol/s 0.31
Forward Voltage 2.8-3.0 Volts
Radiance Angle 120° (±60°)
Size 20x20mm
Wavelength Blue 445-480nm
LED Count 1

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