DAHLIA is a efficient linear lens for uniform horticultural lighting. 120 single optics in one array to support various LED channel setups, ingress protected and easy to clean surface. Made from PMMA for good chemical resistance. Compatible with up to 3535 size high-power LEDs.

Ingress protected linear lens for horticultural lighting. Compatible with up to 3535 size high-power LEDs.

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  • Comes with a silicone seal for up to IP65
  • Made from PMMA (good chemical resistance)
  • Sturdy fastening with 14 screws
  • Adopts easily into design with 1-4 channels and varying number of LEDs per channel
  • PPFD deviation 10 % over the growth area


36 DAHLIA modules in three lines

  • Distance to tray: 3.2 m
  • Spacing: 3.1 x 6.8 m
  • Power: 260 W / module
  • PPF: 700 μmol/s / module*
  • Efficacy: 2.69 μmol/J

Results at center tray (width 6.2 m)

  • Min 36 μmol/m., Max 39 μmol/m.
  • Average PPFD 38 μmol/m.
  • PPFD uniformity on grow tray 95.3 %

Results at first and last tray

  • Min 22 μmol/m., Max 27 μmol/m.
  • Average PPFD 38 μmol/m.
  • PPFD uniformity on grow tray 67.2 %

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