Why choose LED solutions over HPS for horticulture?

Indoor farms can be expense to set up and run. So, for many growers finding...

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How LEDs have revolutionised horticulture

With increasing populations and a scarcity of green spaces, the horticultural lighting industry continues to...

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Vertical farming – Where to start?

Vertical farming involves growing and producing crops, typically indoors, on multiple levels. It is made...

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IHS: Full spectrum light in horticulture

Horticultural lighting has increased possibilities of how and where we can grow plants and crops....

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The purpose of blue light in horticulture

Blue light sits between 420-470nm on the visible spectrum. Within horticultural lighting blue light is...

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The Importance of Ultraviolet in Horticultural Light

LEDs are producing revolutionary advancements in many areas of technology and life, but none more...

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Light Measurements in Horticulture

If you are involved with horticultural lighting, you have likely heard of the measurement micromole,...

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OSRAM PHYTOFY and The University of Edinburgh: Using robots to understand how plants sense light

For plants to grow environmental conditions need to be optimum, this includes light exposure. The...

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What are Lumens and why do we use them to measure LED lighting?

Lumens, often written as ‘lm’, is the unit of luminous flux. They measure the amount...

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LED Thermal Considerations

LEDs convert electrical power into light output. During this process, heat is released as a...

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Florence LED Grow Lights Q&A Guide

The Florence LED Grow Lights are specifically designed for low and no-sunlight applications, maximising growth...

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Do LED grow lights affect bees?

LED grow lights have become more commonplace in recent years. Therefore, we must think about...

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Latest News

4th October 2023

Constant Current and Constant Voltage – What’s the difference?

Constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) are common are two common terms that distinguish between the two available types of LED drivers used in... Read More

20th September 2023

Learn about Casambi with Inventronics

Casambi is a popular feature on many LED drivers, which allows for wireless lighting control. The increased capabilities it enables give users intelligent and flexible... Read More

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