Different purposes of light in horticulture

The use of light in horticulture has vastly increased in recent years. Knowledge of how light...

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Interesting facts about ultraviolet (UV) light

One of the largest sources of ultraviolet (UV) light in our atmosphere is the sun...

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Efficacy or efficiency: What is the difference?

With the horticultural LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting industry booming, along with it comes a...

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Does CRI matter in horticultural lighting?

Colour rendering index (CRI) is a common metric used in visible lighting that indicates the...

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Controlled Environments Agriculture (CEA)

CEA has emerged in recent years to better define the high-tech approach to sustainably producing...

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Why choose LED solutions over HPS for horticulture?

Indoor farms can be expense to set up and run. So, for many growers finding...

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How LEDs have revolutionised horticulture

With increasing populations and a scarcity of green spaces, the horticultural lighting industry continues to...

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Vertical farming – Where to start?

Vertical farming involves growing and producing crops, typically indoors, on multiple levels. It is made...

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IHS: Full spectrum light in horticulture

Horticultural lighting has increased possibilities of how and where we can grow plants and crops....

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The purpose of blue light in horticulture

Blue light sits between 420-470nm on the visible spectrum. Within horticultural lighting blue light is...

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The Importance of Ultraviolet in Horticultural Light

LEDs are producing revolutionary advancements in many areas of technology and life, but none more...

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Light Measurements in Horticulture

If you are involved with horticultural lighting, you have likely heard of the measurement micromole,...

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Latest News

20th March 2024

Now available for purchase in Distrelec for EU customers

Our IHS Ready to Grow lights are now available for quick and easy purchase through Distrelec. The Treviso, Trento and Siena LED grow lights are... Read More

13th December 2023

Tips to care for your Christmas Poinsettia from IHS

Poinsettia plants have become a key sign of the festive Christmas period, with their indistinguishable dark green leaves and red flowers that bloom though November-February.... Read More

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