Bell Herbs and IHS Treviso LED Grow Lights

Based in the New Forest, Bell Herbs are a small family-run business who grow & sell high quality micro herbs and edible flowers. Utilising both outdoor and indoor growing methods, Bell Herbs provide their fresh produce to restaurants and food businesses in the New Forest region and beyond.

With a desire to expand capabilities to continue producing crops consistently all-year round, Bell Herbs came to IHS, after meeting them at Grow South Exhibition, looking for ways to improve their indoor growing yields, without compromising quality or incur a great cost.

After working closely with the IHS team to select an optimum solution, Bell Herbs implemented the IHS Treviso LED grow lights. The Treviso is a low-cost solution that provides a full spectral output to mimic and replace natural sunlight by exposing plant to full spectrum wavelengths. Additionally due to the full spectrum output the light emitted appears white, making it pleasant to work under. Each Treviso LED Grow Light is fitted with an IP65 connector which allows for easy daisy-chaining; up to 50 lamps can be connected in a single chain, with a single main plug.


Great results – under the white light. Plus, it is so much easier to work under the white light for a long period of time, in comparison to the pink/blue, that are on the market already.  No queasy feeling, very happy with how the plants now look.”
Steve Bellows, owner of Bell Herbs.

The Treviso’s lightweight design and built-in driver make it easy to install, without the need for external electricians. Using the brackets supplied with the grow lights, Bell Herbs implemented the Treviso on their indoor farm shelves, to grow their popular microgreens. In this environment the plants receive no natural daylight, so optimum lighting is crucial to their crop’s success.

“The lamps were easy to install with the brackets & Connectors – taking just minutes.”
Steve Bellows, owner of Bell Herbs.

The Treviso grow lights successfully replaced natural sunlight at both the seeding and biomass stages of growth. In both stages of growth, improve growth rate and yields were reported. Various trials with conducted by Bell Herbs over a 3-week period, starting on 31st August 2023 and reviewing progress every 7days.

Day one photo of micro herb grow trial

Last day photo of micro herb grow trial

Overall, the microgreens growth rates dramatically increased. Typically seeding to harvesting . Meaning Bell Herbs can successfully grow microgreens throughout all months of the year, with a quicker turn-around and no large upfront installation costs.

Since the trials conducted, Bell Herbs have not only continued to use the Treviso grow lights, but also expressed desire to implement more within their indoor farm to help continue their business expansion.

“They were just as good, as my existing lights which were much more expensive.”
Steve Bellows, owner of Bell Herbs.

IHS LED grow lights offer superior quality at competitive prices. Treviso LED grow lights are readily available for purchase today, and the IHS team are on hand to help select the best solution to meet your needs. Learn more about Treviso here. Please contact IHS today if you have a similar project we can help with.

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