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LEDs are producing revolutionary advancements in many areas of technology and life, but none more so important than in Horticulture. The complexities and knowledge required is growing daily, with different plants requiring different spectral illumination and control.

Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS) was formed in 2017 to support the development of products in the fast moving and exciting area of LED lighting. We have brought together key horticultural LED manufacturers, leveraging their 20+ years of experience in general LED lighting in order to offer development platforms and custom growing solutions.

IHS is part of the Intelligent Group Solutions (IGS) group of companies founded in 2001 which operate from the head office in Thatcham, Berkshire. Sister divisions specialise in a variety of opto and mainstream electronics distribution, design as well as prototyping and assembly services. The horticultural specialism has evolved, due to market demand in the LED division, Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS).


Other IGS divisions include:-


Intelligent Display Solutions (IDS)

Established in 2001, IDS was the founding division in the group specialising in custom design and distribution of LCDs, TFTs and OLED technologies. IDS’s expertise in display technologies means the team can design and manage a project from conception to the delivery of the display, front panel assembly or the end product to anywhere in the world.


Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS)

Launched in 2008, ILS offers a high level of technical skill, professionalism and commercial understanding to industries that are or will be using highly efficient LEDs and LEDs of any type. Offering conceptual advice, electronics design and manufacturing capability, the ILS team use high quality production resources in the UK and Asia and provide project support from prototyping to high volume mass production. ILS also manufactures its own range of products on-site, including LED strips, LED Coins, PowerStars, LED Flood Boards and LED Chains.


Intelligent Embedded Solutions (IES)

Founded in 2014, our IES division evolved as a direct consequence due to the embedded devices needed to drive LCD and LED solutions offered by IDS & ILS. Wherever a single board computer may be needed, the depth and versatility of the IES range means the team can offer the ideal solution for your project.


Intelligent Prototyping Solutions (IPS)

Launched in 2015, IPS offers flexible PCB prototyping and assembly, box build, cable assembly & design services, a complete solution when new products need to be mocked up which allows quick entry into the market. Facilities include pick and place, re-flow, laser cutting, photometric sphere, conformal coating, potting and specialist printing. Full production is also available.

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20th September 2023

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