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Whether you’re a grower, researcher or designing your own custom grow lights, Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS) is your perfect technology partner for LED lighting, whatever your role in horticulture.

The IHS portfolio is constantly evolving, incorporating quality LED light engines, accessories and finished horticultural LED grow light modules, all designed and manufactured in the UK.

Our in-house opto-electronics expertise, together with close partnerships with Osram and Ledil, experts in Horticultural LEDs and lenses, enables us to offer bespoke product development and design support as required.

Choose from standard pre-designed LED light engines and kits, configure your own bespoke LED light engines or browse through our Ready to Grow LED grow light range.


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Horticultural LED Lighting Options

Are you a product designer?

product designer

View our standard range of LED light engines searchable by wavelength, micromoles, size & LED count.

Browse ‘LED Light Engines’

Are you a researcher?


Configure and manufacture bespoke
LED light engines to your
own specifications.

Learn to ‘Pick Your Own’ LED Light Engines

Are you a grower?


Our ‘Ready to Grow’ Lighting Modules are available for Biomass, Flowering, Fruiting and Seeding. Or create Custom lights.

Browse ‘Ready To Grow’ LED Grow Lights

Featured LED Grow Light Modules

Our featured LED grow lights include new and top-selling products enabling you to grow a wide variety of plants in your restaurant kitchen, greenhouse, polytunnel or scaled-up for larger commercial growing.

Florence Ready to Grow


Perfect for adding volume to your plants

Used to supplement already available daylight, to increase the biomass of your plants and quicken the growth cycle.

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Florence Ready to Grow


Perfect for speeding up the fruiting process

Used to supplement already available daylight, to increase the fruiting of your plants and decrease time between crops.

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Florence Ready to Grow

Florence 33 LED Dual Board Ready to Grow Finished Module

Perfect for creating your own combination of LEDs

Choose your own custom light recipe for this finished module, supplied as a complete module for easy installation.

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IHS Partners with Industry-Leading Technology Companies


Top Selling Combinations

We offer our customers an unparalleled number of options to help achieve the end product that you have conceived – from development kits to individual building blocks of single LEDs. Even with his vast array of options, the industry changes weekly, so if you don’t see what you need, please get in touch to check if we can supply a solution for you.

OSLON 120 1 PowerStar Hyper Red 656nm

OSLON 120 1 PowerStar Far Red 730nm

730nm Far Red Known applications and effects: Widely used to target Phytochrome Far Red (Pfr) for photomorphogenic effect.

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Suitable for OSLON 1, OSLON 4, OSLON 9 and OSLON 16 PowerStars and Clusters.

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TIM Star

Suitable for PowerStars. ILS have produced a range of High-performance, cost effective Thermal Interface Materials to match perfectly their standard products.

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Constant Current power supplies, of non waterproof design, suitable for indoor LED lighting applications with triac dimming function.

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OSLON 120 4 High Bay Deep Blue 445nm

450nm Deep Blue Known applications and effects: A key wavelength for photosynthesis.

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Suitable for OSLON 1, OSLON 4, OSLON 9, OSLON 16 and Stanley PowerStars and Clusters.

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90 x 90 mm up to IP67 2X2 arrays for up to 7070 size LED packages.

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ILK-HIGHBAY12-STWH power supply v2


40W IP20 constant current LED power supply. Differentiating from off the shelf LED power supplies the IZCVAR-040M9020C-SAL has a selectable current setting ranging from 350mA to 1050mA.

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3rd January 2019

Recent LLFY Horticultural Workshops

In late November 2018, Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS) were proud to showcase their recently launched range of ‘Ready to Grow’ Florence LED Lights at Osram’s LED Light for You... Read More

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